President’s Message


Dear Affiliate Members,

I want to thank our board for the dedication and many hours of volunteering. Without them there would be no OIBA.

As we close in on our 20th year of the new millennium, we as brokers and business people continue to work hard to adjust and stay on top of our evolving environment. Technology and amalgamation has changed the landscape of our industry and in order to stay relevant only those that can adapt will continue to flourish.

These struggles are just as predominant for our association. We have been around for over 100 years, but we can no longer stay idle, we need to continue to adapt and grow in this new environment to stay relevant and to be your voice for another 100 years.

Our strategic planning meeting this year had one purpose. To look at what we do well, what needs improvement and what can we do that is new. We came out with some great ideas and I trust that you’ll take full advantage of what we will present to you over the next year.

We aim to stay true to our mission:

To ensure the prominence of our members and the long term success of the Independent Broker Channel through networking opportunities, information sharing, political advocacy and involvement in local community initiatives.

I want to thank all the members for their continued support in making this the best affiliate in Ontario.


Best regards,


Claude Miron


OIBA Profile

Founded in 1910, the Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association (OIBA) is a voluntary membership organization serving the interests of independent insurance brokers in the Eastern Ontario region. Each member is served at three levels: The OIBA, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC).

The IBAO has a membership of more than 10,000 independent insurance brokers across the Province of Ontario and represents the interests or OIBA members to government ministries and regulatory bodies, as well as to insurance industry commissions and associations.

The IBAC considers the needs of Ontario’s independent brokers when new policy shifts are introduced by the Canadian government or the insurance industry.

Working together, the three associations build and maintain a business environment that allows individual brokerages to thrive.

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